ASSET MANAGEMENT | We use a systematic process to maintain and upgrade real estate assets to provide maximum returns for properties. We conduct a situation analysis, which provides a rapid, factual assessment of the current situation, including a review of cash flow, debt service capacity, capital structure, products, services, operations, reporting systems to determine the needs of the project and develop appropriate action plans.

ASSET DISPOSITION | CF Capital Partners has successfully instituted sales and marketing programs to sell individual condominium units at a project or multiple projects. Illinois sales and marketing plans are implemented through the affiliate, Condominium Marketing, LLC, an Illinois licensed brokerage company. Florida sales and marketing plans are implemented through the affiliate, CF Capital, a Florida licensed brokerage company.

CONDOMINIUM MANAGEMENT | Our professional team through National Condominium Management, LLC understands the local regulations and licensing requirements and the implications these have on the condominium’s declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations. They review and implement operational contracts, insurance and tax reviews. We place a high emphasis on the maintenance of the buildings and grounds. Our tight financial operation result in an efficient and transparent association for the owners.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | CF Capital Partners maximizes the revenues and collections for its clients. We have comprehensive financial reporting and budgeting systems to ensure accountability. Our professional team through National Condominium Managment, LLC ensures the maintenance; repairs and improvements are properly implemented. Our emphasis is on bottom line results.

DEVELOPER SERVICES | CF Capital Partners provides access to seasoned resources enabling a value added approach to development. Our wide network of professionals include all aspects of development consulting. Whether it is the initial conception to develop land or turnaround management we have the expertise to act as developer for the project.

STRATEGIC PLANNING | CF Capital Partners works directly with our clients to quickly stabilize performance by developing and implementing a strategic plan to address the challenges the project is facing.

RESTRUCTURING | Our professionals assist clients in developing a long-term plan for each individual or group of projects. We also advise management on the turnaround process, financial and operational issues. We help to restore lenders, creditors and investor’s confidence in the project.

CLOSING ADMINISTRATION | Our professionals manage the individual unit sales process from the moment the contract is executed to the final disbursement of sales proceeds. They coordinate the activities between the end lender, the title company, buyer and their attorney to ensure a smooth and seamless closing.

RECEIVERSHIP | CF Capital Partners safeguards the assets for ownership, lenders and creditors. We oversee the interests of all the stakeholders and maximize the value of the property for its constituents.