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CF Capital Partners was formed to provide the real estate industry a full spectrum of development services with an emphasis on condominium development and the for sale housing industry.

CF Capital Partners

CF Capital Partners was formed in October 2008 by John B. Cadden and Michael A. Fish to provide asset advisory, management, restructuring and consulting services to the condominium development and housing industry. In addition, CF Capital Partners acts as principals for the purchase and development of for sale housing and condominium projects.

The two principals of CF Capital Partners have a combined 50 years of experience in the real estate industry. Mr. Cadden and Mr. Fish spent the previous nine years together as the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Operating Officer, respectively, at one of the largest condominium developers in the United States. In those roles the two principals were responsible for the acquisition, financing and ongoing operations of over $2 Billion of condominium developments nationwide.

Their superior knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the condominium and housing industry position CF Capital Partners to render first rate services to developers, lenders, investors, condominium associations and owners of condominium and for sale housing projects.